Boat International Sizzler

Boat International: Sizzler

Could there be a better way to escape the pressures of day-to-day business than to set sail in search of a breeze on a 60 ft yacht? Likely not, especially when you can be alone, away from the dock, and under full sail in a matter of minutes – literally at the push of a…

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Change your boats fuel water separators every spring

Changing fuel water separators is a must each spring!

Like other filters and fluids, the fuel water separators in your boat should be changes out each spring. Not only could it be full of gunk from last season, but could have collected more dust if not properly stored over the winter months. Bad fuel can be the worst thing for a boat and the engine…

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Three tips to keeping your boat's battery running smoothly

Three tips to keep your battery running smooth

Just like a good night’s sleep makes you perform better, a well-cared-for battery will make your boat run smoothly. Caring for a boat battery is simple, but takes regular upkeep and maintenance to ensure everything is working as it should. Here are some quick tips to make sure you’re taking care of your battery properly:…

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We can help take care of your boats exterior and finish

Take care of your boat’s exterior and finish

Everyone here at the Coeur Custom is itching for summer. Between the mild northwest winter this past year and the beautiful sunshine we’ve had lately, we’re all ready to get out on the water. Are you the same way? Are you just waiting for that perfect day to pull the boat out of storage and…

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Sailing Magazine: Day Sailer

Sailing Magazine: Sizzler, Daysailer

Daysailers are popular today and if you live on a nice lake it makes sense to have a boat with the focus on daysailing comfort and not overnight accommodations. In this case the lake happens to be Lake Coeur d’Alene, so it made sense to build the boat in his own shop .I imagine trucking…

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Spring boat maintenance tips to keep your boat running smootly

Quick tips for annual spring maintenance

Boats and watercraft can last a long time, but they do require a certain amount of maintenance and attention. While many people understand why we winterize our boats, fewer people see the importance of properly commissioning their boats for summer, and performing proper yearly maintenance. Before you set sail for the first time this spring,…

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Yacht World: Sizzler, Idaho's Hot Rod


As 2013 hurtled by I’d struggle to tell you exactly when the rush of air miles, immigration officials and alarm calls in a dozen different languages blurred into a scarily monotonous headlong rush.  We were chasing the next big story, the next big yacht  launch, the next big exclusive, a two month-long whirlwind tour of…

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Coeur Custom, your wood boat experts

What sets us apart

Coeur Custom is your one-stop shop for everything you need related to your boating experience. Our staff is a highly trained team and on-site facility that makes everything run as smoothly as your sailing. Each member of our team has been highly trained in various areas of wood boat maintenance so that you can be…

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Northwest Yachting Magazine: Jefe Wins Lake Geneva Show

Last month’s cover boat for Northwest Yachting Magazine (photo right) has just won the top prize at the Antique Classic Boat Society’s annual show held in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Jefe, a 34-foot Coeur d’Alene Custom luxury runabout built by The Resort Boat Shop, won with a perfect first place score in its class at the…

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Coeur Custom can take care of your boat's exterior care and maintenance

Exterior boat care and maintenance

In addition to maintaining your boat’s engine, the exterior also needs attention. Spring is the perfect time for yearly touch-ups that will keep your boat looking clean and sleek. The exteriors of boats need to be buffed and waxed every year, and without an annual update, the color and paint will begin to fade, which…

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