2024 Antique & Classic Boat Festival

Coeur d'Alene Antique & Classic Boat Festival - Celebrating North Idaho's Love for Vintage Boats (Logo)

Saturday August 3rd - Sunday August 4th, 2024

Experience two days of magnificent boats and picturesque lake vistas at the 2024 Antique & Classic Boat Festival, happening on Saturday, August 3rd and Sunday, August 4th, right on The Coeur d'Alene Resort's Floating Boardwalk!

Our annual festival is open to everyone, offering a delightful showcase of vintage boats meticulously restored, rebuilt, and preserved to their former glory. While the majority of these captivating vessels boast gleaming mahogany finishes, you'll also find a selection of early fiberglass and aluminum models adding diversity to the display.

This family-friendly gathering presents a prime opportunity for classic boat enthusiasts to mingle with like-minded individuals while basking in the sunshine on the shores of beautiful Lake Coeur d’Alene. Best of all, admission is free, ensuring an accessible and enjoyable experience for all!

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Featured Boats In Last Year's Show

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Twin Finn Boat

Twin Finn is a 21’ 1959 Chris Craft Continental, hull number CL-21-149.  She was manufactured in Cadillac Michigan and initially delivered on Dec 11, 1958, to Greene Valley Motors, Catskill New York.

Chris Craft developed and manufactured the “finned” continentals between 1957 and 1959.  The series included 185 boats.  This was a very small production number and consequently is a relatively rare model.

The finned continental was truly a transitional boat.  Its details were taken from the 1957 Lincoln automobile. The boat is powered by a Chris Craft 283 cc V-8 engine and cruises at 38 MPH.

Twin Finn1959 Chris-Craft Continental
Owner: Jim Atkinson

The Sizzler Boat

This incredible one-of-a-kind wood sailboat was designed specifically for Lake Coeur d’Alene and built by Coeur Custom. The entire yacht is sailed single-handedly by her owner or the captain, using an array of sophisticated hydraulic controls. She is 60 feet long with an 87-foot-tall mast, displaces 42,000 pounds, and has 30 coats of mirror-smooth finish. This floating work of art took 30,000 man-hours to complete. She combines traditional and exotic materials from around the globe. The Sizzler combines the best of technology with pure sailing ability.

The Sizzler60-Ft Custom Built Wood Sailboat
Owner: The Hagadone Family

The Steinway 340 HT Boat

Greatness is something never seen before. It is an idea, come boldly to life. Greatness is the new Steinway 340 HT, designed by master craftsman Jim Brown and crafted by Coeur Custom. Spanning 34 feet in length, a 9’ 6” beam, 430 HP and a double-planked hull. This distinguished boat is built with sapele wood and features an endless list of incredible features and amenities. This spectacular beauty redefines boating forever.

The Steinway2022 CoeurCustom Steinway 340 HT
Owner: Wayne & Janet Gretzky

Jefe Boat

Designed for the ultimate in cruising comfort and style, this gentleman’s runabout is cold molded from African mahogany and western red cedar and powered by twin 400-horsepower MerCruiser engines. The boat was designed by Jerry Gilbreath, and built by the talented wood boat craftsmen at Coeur Custom to an extremely high degree of tolerances, fit and finish. Owned by Murray Danzig of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Jefe2009 Coeur Custom 340 Jefe
Owner: Murray Danzig

Nighthawk Boat

This beauty is FOR SALE for only $219,995! The design is a collaboration between Jerry Gilbreath on the hull and Jim Brown, master builder at Coeur Custom, on the features. She was built in 2012 of sapele mahogany. The boat is 29 feet long, powered by Mercury 8.2 Mag HO 430 hp and Bravo 3 outdrive. She has a bow thruster, underwater lighting, and custom stainless cutwater and accents.

NightHawk2012 29-ft Coeur Custom Outdrive
Owner: Paul Berger

1938 17’ chris-craft deluxe runabout “Jennifer ll” (Don and Jennifer Vogt)

Jennifer ll is a N. Idaho boat shipped from the factory to Spokane in Dec. 1937. We acquired the boat in 1989 and keep her on Hayden Lake. This 1938 Chris-Craft 17' Deluxe Runabout reflects classic mid-1930's boat design, with elegance of scale, proportion, and line. Jennifer ll is virtually all original, and has received top national and regional awards since her complete restoration in 2008.

Jennifer II1938 Chris-Craft Deluxe Runabout
Owner: Don & Jennifer Vogt

The Sizzler Boat

Heart & Soul is a post war 1947 deluxe, double cockpit forward 17’ runabout. It’s powered by a 95 hp KLC Hercules straight flathead 6 cylinder engine with a average speed of 35 mph. The boat was delivered February 13, 1947 to Brewerton, New York. The cost of the boat in 1947 was $1,640 as compared to the cost of a new home at $10,000. There were 1,880 hulls produced. The boat moved from New York to Florida then to Wenatchee, WA where the owner found her in complete disrepair. It took 18 months to rebuild Heart & Soul. At the 2021 ACBS International show in Coeur d’Alene Idaho, Heart & Soul was awarded the gold award in its class.

Heart and Soul1947 Chris-Craft 95HP
Owner: Carolyn & Daryl Reynolds

The Sizzler Boat

"At Last" is a 1936, Chris Craft Custom Runabout that is owned by Carolyn and Daryl Reynolds of Post Falls, Idaho. One of the things Daryl wanted to do after restoring his dad's wooden outboard boat (Me Too!) was to find a bigger boat, preferably one made by one of the great boat builders like, Garwood, StanCraft or Chris Craft. I needed something that I could do as a project now that we were retired with time on our hands. She has won the following awards: Best Runabout Sandpoint Idaho Show (2014), People's Choice Award Coeur d'Alene Idaho (2014), Best Christ Craft Sandpoint Idaho Show (2015), Best Christ Craft Sandpoint Idaho Show (2016) and Skippers Choice Award Sandpoint Idaho (2017).

At Last1936 Deluxe Double Coptic Forward 19’ Chris-Craft
Owner: Carolyn & Daryl Reynolds

Betty Joe Boat

Owned by Joe and Betty Maridon of Spokane WA. It was built by Beckmann, Ltd. in Slocum, RI in 1993, it is 22 ft long and weighs 2800 lbs. It is powered by a Vee compound steam engine built by Semple with cylinder diameters of 3" and 5" with a 4-inch stroke. It has a keel type condenser, so exhaust steam is condensed and pumped back into the boiler. It is set up to operate in salt water. The boiler is a water tube type, operation pressure 150 psi and is fired with diesel fuel. The propeller is a three blade, 18-inch dia. with a 24-inch pitch. We bought the boat in April of 2020. It had not run for years and took extensive work to get it looking good and running well.

S.L. Betty Joe22 ft, 2800 lbs, Steam Engine
Owner: Joe & Betty Maridon

Piccola Gemma

Cheryl and her late husband, Ron Nichols, have had several Rivas – it started with an Aquarama Special, then Aquarama No. 4 and now this Ariston. Just before Ron and Cheryl finished building their home on Sanders Beach, they reached out to Herb Hall of Sierra Boat Company Lake Tahoe. Herb had sold them their other Rivas and numerous other antique wood boats over the years. They wanted a boat they could tow to all the wonderful lakes in the Northwest. Ron and Cheryl made plans to attend the annual Riva Days 2002 to be held in Berlin, Germany that year. From Berlin, the boat was trucked to Rotterdam, placed in a container and shipped to Wilmington, Delaware where she entered the United States. Sometime later, she arrived in Coeur d’Alene where she’s been ever since. Ron and Cheryl have taken their Gem to Kootenay Lake in British Columbia, Lake Washington, Lake Tahoe, Pend Oreille, Priest Lake, and all over Lake Coeur d’Alene and the Coeur d’Alene River.

Piccola Gemma1968 Riva Ariston Hull # 898
Owner: Ron Nicols & Cheryl Shields

Baby Boat

Baby is a kit boat manufactured by Mold-Craft, Inc.The Model is "Skeeto" it is a fishing craft - an ideal boat for children and a deluxe dinghy for large cruisers. Originally built by Robert Marshall who used it as a dinghy on the Krisabal II motor launch. Baby has been restored to look like a mini Chris Craft with it's 12 hp Briggs and Straton Inboard engine and features that a full size boat would have.The 7 1/2 ft long Dinghy has its own custom built trailer by Tow Rite and a wet exhaust system.

BabyMold-Craft, Inc - "Skeeto"
Owner: Russ Morgan

Sea Eagle Boat

The 1932 Mullins Sea Eagle Deluxe debuted the year after the Standard Sea Eagle was introduced. Made of galvanized steel the craft is equipped with 5 air chambers and the reason why the manufacturer claimed, “Mullin Boats Can’t Sink.” With a 45 HP Lycoming Engine and longitudinal corrugations built into the hull this boat was one of the fastest 16-foot runabouts of its time.

The Sea Eagle1932 Mullins Sea Eagle Deluxe
Owner: Ross Schneidmiller

Lucille Boat

Formerly known as “Althea”, Lucille was first launched in 1929 for her owner, businessman William F. Ladd of New York City. The top of the line in the Chris-Craft fleet, she earned the nickname Queen of the Fleet. Today, more than ever, that honor holds true. She has won the highest awards in five major Pacific Northwest wood boat shows. She was Chris-Craft’s first-ever Commuter Cruiser model, and Mr. Ladd used her to commute from his summer home in Long Island to his office in Manhattan. She is 38 feet long, with seating for twelve passengers in the forward cockpit, bridge deck and aft cockpit. Most of her vintage features are restored intact. Today, that makes her an incredible boat for entertaining in the spirit and style of the Roaring 20s.

Lucille 1929 Chris-Craft Commuter Cruiser
Owner: Larry Swartz

Life O'Riley Boat

Life O’Riley is a 14 foot Aristocraft built in Atlanta, GA in 1956. Found at a yard sale at Twin Lakes and restored in a year, she spends most of her time cruising Twin Lakes with Darryl and Kerri.

Life O’Riley1956 14-ft Aristocraft
Owner: Darryl & Kerri Onnia

Sic'm Boat

As a father-son project, this Roberts Craft “SKIMMER” kit was purchased in 1956 by John “Johnny” Isaac who, in 1957 with his son Melvin, built the Sic-M as a family ski boat. The Sic-M was “reinforced” by Johnny to allow the SKIMMER, which was a “pram” style boat designed for a 7.5 hp motor maximum, to use a 25 hp Johnson and later a 40 hp Evinrude, allowing 2 adults to ski behind the Sic-M.

Sic-M1957 Sic-M Ski Boat
Owner: Duane Isaac

Deco Boat

Deco is a 19’ 1930 Dee-Wite split cockpit runabout powered by a 115 hp 6-cylinder, Gray Marine Phantom Dee-Wite’s were manufactured in Detriot MI by the Dwight Lumber Company. Dwight was one of the main suppliers of lumber to Chris Craft and Century, which were near Dwight. In 1929 Dwight made the decision to enter the booming pleasure craft industry. The new boat division was named “Dee-Wite” a cleaver variation on “Dwight” Dee-Wites were known for their “modern” sleek design and were solidly constructed. Unfortunately, the Great Depression of the 1930’s closed the doors on the parent company and with it-the boat division in 1936. Today Dee-Wites are in the “extremely rare” category, with only a handful known to exist. “Deco” was named in tribute to the “Art Deco” style popular in the 1920’s and 30’s

Deco1930 Dee-Wite Split Cockpit Runabout
Owner: BK Powell

Pisque Cutter

The one, the only, the Pisque Cutter. Owned by Syd Young out of Post Falls, Idaho. 375 HP.

Pisque Cutter2014 22’ Dream Boat
Owner: Syd & Julie Young

Blew By You

Say hello to “Blew by You” - a 1967 Chris-Craft Cutlass. These beauties were built between 1961 and 1997 - a total of only 250 were built. Only 50 of those were twins! Owned by Steven Liss.

Blew by You1967 Chris-Craft Cutlass
Owner: Steven Liss

Swath Cutter

Say hello to this beautiful 38 ft Stancraft Commuter Cruiser - Swath-Cutter! This beauty is owned by Syd & Julie Young - featuring 2 315 HP Mercruiser Engines.

Swath-Cutter2009 38” Stancraft Commuter Cruiser
Owner: Syd & Julie Young

The Road Not Taken Boat

Originally purchased by Robert Frost, and delivered to Portsmouth, NH in 1948, this 18’ Chris Craft Deluxe Sportsman spent most of its life in New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

Some time in the early 1990’s, it was donated to the International Yacht Restoration School in Newport, RI where it was one of the school’s early restoration projects. Upon completion, it was acquired by a Captain on Cape Cod, and remained with him until I acquired it and brought her to Wisconsin in 2007.

In the Spring of 2013, some of the fastenings between the bottom and transom failed, resulting in nearly sinking her. That began a 9 year process of trying to figure out how bad it was, and could I save her myself. In 2019, we moved to Spokane, and I trailed her out. The 2021 ACBS show provided the deadline necessary to tackle the task. With the help of Jim Brown and the fantastic team at Coeur Custom, she underwent her second restoration, finishing just in time for the ACBS in Coeur d’Alene in September of 2021. She nearly didn’t make it to this show however, because she threw a rod in mid-July. With the assistance of Syd Young, a replacement engine was located and installed for her to be here today.

The Road Not Taken18’ Chris-Craft Deluxe Sportsman
Owner: Doug Hood

Check out a recap from the 2021 International Coeur d'Alene Antique & Classic Boat Festival that took place in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho:

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