Making a masterpiece

What does it take?

A Coeur Custom boat in the 27’ range, with minimal complexities built using traditional building practices.

4,000 - 5,000

Board-feet of lumber

7,000 - 10,000

16 - 18
Coats of varnish

Tubes of caulk

For comparison, our 60’ Sailboat, “Sizzler” involved around 25,000 man-hours, many units of milled cedar, mahogany and teak lumber, thousands of feet of electrical wire and hydraulic tubing and hose, many drums of epoxy, and cases of paints and finishes.

Nothing beats a wood boat. Our craftsmen know this, with more than 150 years of combined experience; we put pride into every project, big or small. Whether we’re making a new boat to an owner’s exacting specifications, or refitting a classic, we eat, sleep and breathe the passion of our craft. The skill set required in custom boat building arena covers a vast expanse of skills, all of which do have some common requirements, such as patience, accuracy, attention to detail and the desire to achieve the client’s goals.

Like every great legacy, Coeur Customs wood boats do not happen overnight. Coeur Customs wood boats are carefully crafted from western red cedar, sapele, teak and African mahogany wood species; finished to incredibly exacting tolerances. We will draw from a very extensive list of the highest quality of materials that are available, restricted only by one’s imagination as we are constantly striving to create imaginative, beautiful, state-of-the-art creations that stir the emotion of each owner.

Coeur Customs wood boats are a combination of traditional and high-tech building practices. They may have traditional double-planked bottoms, with double gusseted frames and continuous oak battens behind the seams, put together with modern glues and fasteners or a process through which the structure of the boats are laminated together using a vacuum bagged, cold molded process which produces an end result that withstands many of the inherent weak points in traditional construction, and will have a much greater lifespan with a lower maintenance cost.

Being a custom-built craft, we will modify the performance characteristics of each build to give our clients exactly the performance that they desire. This could be a more sporty, quick responsive feel to a softer, smoother feel in the water, or a deep throaty sound to a very quiet atmosphere in the cockpit.

The accent features are again only limited by the imagination, which may include creative interior or underwater lighting, sound systems, creative serving bar or refrigeration, storage facilities, cockpit heaters, bow thrusters, seating configurations, monolithic swim platforms, and attractive or accessorized engine compartments.

Passion, precision & performance

View our current Coeur Customs models that can be completely customized to your desires or use them as inspiration for something completely new and original.