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While each client, boat, and build is unique, there are some common questions we get from our clients as they begin the process to bring their vision to life. Take a look and if you don’t see your questions below, please use our contact form so we can help you directly with your specific question.

What kind of wood are our Coeur Customs boats made of?

The majority of the construction is a variety of African mahogany, with some teak used in the finish layers.

Is the darker wood on the decks a different variety of wood?

No, it is the same lumber sorted to match the grain and color, but simply a different stain is used on it.

How long does it take to build a Coeur Customs boat?

Since each design is a custom, the required time to build varies on the size and complexities involved. We have had projects that have been as short as 4 months, and as long as 22 months.

What does it cost to build a Coeur Customs boat?

With a custom design and build, the final cost is determined by what each client desires in the final product. Our masterpieces have been built ranging from $45,000 to $700,000.

Are our Coeur Customs boats made of fiberglass?

No, we pride ourselves in our trade and craft so that fiberglass is not required for the boat to be sound and proficient. That said, we will incorporate modern techniques including carbon fiber and fiberglass fabrics to accomplish certain requests from our clients.

What is in the space below the foredeck, does it have a cuddy cabin?

Although the forepeak, the space below the foredeck does offer a great deal of usable space, we have yet been asked to utilize it for other than a spacious storage area. We have experimented with several design features utilizing the space as a comfortable area.

How much do our Coeur Customs boats weigh, they must be heavy?

We are very aware and are diligent to maintain a light and yet strong construction technique to allow our boats to utilize their propulsion systems to the maximum. When we have compared a similar fiberglass configuration to one of our own, the systems have a similar weight.

What is the finish of the Coeur Customs boats?

We use several techniques, determined by the finish desired by each client. We will utilize a traditional hand applied spar varnish, as well as several catalyzed and sprayed finishes.

Do the Coeur Customs boats have to be refinished every year?

No, the finishes we use on our Coeur Customs boats are applied to minimize the frequency of refinishing. The largest negative factor to the finish is the natural elements, the worst is the sun, but the finishes are very durable and will last for many years with an attentive maintenance program.

When any of the finishes begin to start showing deterioration, it is time to add more finish. Not strip it all off, simply make repairs as needed, and add more finish to the surface, it is the finish that has the UV filters which in turn protect the wood, and keeps it all sound.  In essence, it’s like a human putting on a sunscreen to protect our skin from burning and the effects of the sun.

Are the Coeur Customs boats built using a production line method?

No, each boat is a custom build and is hand built from the keel up to the topmost part.  We utilize every opportunity to build as cost efficiently as possible and do utilize technology in every aspect that we safely can, but it still comes down to the experience and skill set of our craftsmen to produce each Coeur Customs to the fit and finish that we do.

Who comes up with the Coeur Customs designs?

Being adapted to the desires of our clients, the design process incorporates a vast knowledge base of personnel, from the likes of Jerry Gilbreath, a world champion offshore racer, with a lifetime of building and modifying boat systems, to Eric Stuive, a renowned marine architect with history providing builds for some of the largest names in the industry, as well as Bo Zolland, a design genius whose creativity is simply stunning, along with our  in-house capacity to take all of these inputs and nudge, push or pull to generate the data needed to create these individual vessels.

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