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Welcome to the family

“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

You deserve a boat as unique as yourself

Coeur Custom strives to provide a smooth ride over the process of identifying your vision, bringing it to life and making this process of creation a fond part of the many memories Coeur Custom wood boats are destined to be a part of. Consider this the ultimate collaboration.

Your vision

Do you want to feel the wind in your hair? Or prefer to feel more enclosed? Do you want to hear the nice throaty rumble of the engine running? Or do you want to slip into the environment with as little noise as possible? We’ll walk through a series of discovery questions to help define your vision and give us the tools to start giving a shape and personality to your Coeur Custom wood boat. From here we develop a 3-D plan and then bring it closer to life with colors and textures.

The advantage of a completely custom built Coeur Custom wood boat is that we can shape and mold it exactly to your vision.

The build

As a Coeur Custom client, you can choose how close you want to be to the build. Whether you want to be in our shop nearly every day or check-in once a month, it’s completely up to you.  With the advances in technology, we can involve any owner no matter what distance they are from our shop. At the start of the process, we’ll map out how involved you want to be and form a plan. As always, you are in total control of the creation of your Coeur Custom boat.


Our team caters to your unique communications preferences and styles throughout the build process. No matter the time zone, we schedule communications that work on your schedule and medium preference. The initial design phase that involves sketching, 3-D modeling and potential mock-ups often result in uncovering questions and ideas that need to be discussed. We then figure out the best solutions to meet these requests. The dialogue between you and our team is invaluable to the build process.


Passion, precision & performance

View our current Coeur Custom models that can be completely customized to your desires or use them as inspiration for something completely new and original.