Bring your boat back to life

When you need classic wooden boat restoration services, Coeur Custom has the team of experts to match every project imaginable. Whether you’re looking for varnish restoration, woodwork, structural repair, or simply the best ways to make your aging beauty look like new again, we can help with a complete line of wooden boat services.

Our team also offers fiberglass, mechanical, canvas and upholstery repair. We make restoring classic wood boats our business. The Coeur Custom team is a proud member of and follows the standards set out by the ABYC, the American Boat & Yacht Council, and the United States Coast Guard.

If you have a vision or a desire, we can help you develop the plan, and have the experience and talent to bring your boat back to life.

Mechanical repair

Our team of certified technicians offers boat mechanical repairs and electrical repairs. We specialize in boat repowering projects. Our expertise includes stern drives, v-drives, direct drives, engines, and trailers, with particular attention to older boat engines.

We pride ourselves to take care of a vast range of services from the very small service like changing the spark plugs to very large tickets such as replacing engines and drivetrain systems.

Coeur Custom services and repairs or restores new or antique mechanical systems, engines, inboard, outboard, or inboard-outboard or (I/O) systems. We can work with direct drive, inline, v-drive, or hydraulic with mechanical, electronic, or cable controls transmission systems.

We also service naturally aspirated fuel delivery systems, ie; up-draft, down-draft, side draft carburetors, fuel injection, or throttle body. And our team can provide engine and drive repower services with new or rebuilt engines or drive units.

Electrical repair

Electrical systems on an older boat can be frustrating to figure out. Bring it to the experts at Coeur Custom, where we’ve seen just about every system – and fixed them. We also design and install entire wiring systems to your specifications and needs.

Our team will handle everything from a small item of analyzing a faulty electrical circuit, replacing a faulty switch or tackling a rewiring of an entire boat and all of the circuits and systems aboard.

We can analyze and repair any electrical system, such as bilge blowers, bilge pumps, horns, lights, battery chargers, onboard generators, A/C or heater systems, or engine instrumentation. The professional team is fluent with low voltage 12V, 24V, 48V DC as well as 120V AC electrical systems.

Plus we can install and repair shore power systems and their control panels.

Wood repair

Our team of wood boat experts has 150 years of woodworking experience. We’ll take a good look at the issue and give you a free estimate of what it will take to make things right again. You can feel confident about putting your beloved boat in good hands.

Our experience level and understanding of wood construction and practices used both new and old is unmatched in this region, and our ability to evaluate the condition of wood products and the process of making repairs to these products is the finest.

We can evaluate any given situation, then develop a proposal that best meets your needs for desired results and budget. We often find that most repairs or construction are not a black-and-white, or set-in-stone type of problem, we know you have a goal in mind for your restoration work and we will always be diligent to customize our repair to your vision.

Our experts evaluate for soft or dry rot ridden wood and work to find the extent of and replace these pieces of wood with new. With our in-house design capabilities, we have removed entire interiors of boats, designed and fabricated new interiors, or simply added to or subtracted from the existing interiors.

The projects we work on range from small repairs or replacement of a small fractured piece of wood or plank, or go as far as to remove and replace an entire bottom and bottom frames, or to remove and replace entire hull side or transom frames and planking.

Our team also uses epoxy resins and fiberglass cloth to cover the entire bottom of boats when situations warrant and our clients prefer a method other than replacement of the wood structures to repair excessive leakage and loss of structural support.


There’s nothing like a new finish to breathe life back into a classic wood boat and make it turn heads like she used to. We’re the professionals at stunning boat makeovers. Trust us to make her shipshape once again.

The Coeur Custom team is comprised of true craftsmen that are very competent and comfortable with many finishing techniques. From hand applied paints, varnishes or epoxies, to the spray application of high-end catalyzed yacht finishes – we have you covered.

Clients trust us with all sizes of work, from the repair of a small dent or scratch to complete removal of finishes and reapplying. We cater to your requests whether it’s a finish not designed to be entered in a boat show, or if you want a pristine finish worthy of national recognition. Either way and anywhere in between, the finishes are applied to look beautiful and applied to last utilizing techniques proven with many years of experience and a successful long-running track record.

We can also provide services to repair or replace boat names and registration numbers. Our team uses various mediums, such as vinyl materials, hand painting, vinyl overlaid with gold or silver leaf or the process of hand applying gold or silver leaf materials directly to the finishes to get the look you want.


Let us restore your damaged or unwanted upholstery coverings.  Our team has the professional experience and expertise to analyze the condition of the upholstery products, their structure, construction, and the padding, and to develop a solution for the replacement products to meet your vision.

This may be something as simple as a repair of a scratch or tear to total replacement or fabrication of an entire interior. Coeur Custom also has experience with many flooring materials, such as teak and mahogany woods, woven plastic flooring materials, linoleum, vinyl, and carpets.

Passion, precision & performance

View our current Coeur Custom models that can be completely customized to your desires or use them as inspiration for something completely new and original.