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Three tips to keep your battery running smooth

Three tips to keep your battery running smooth

Just like a good night’s sleep makes you perform better, a well-cared-for battery will make your boat run smoothly. Caring for a boat battery is simple, but takes regular upkeep and maintenance to ensure everything is working as it should.

Here are some quick tips to make sure you’re taking care of your battery properly:

  1. Storage: 
Keep batteries stored in a clean, cool place. When storing a boat for the winter make sure the battery will not be in a place that will get below freezing temperatures. If your boat is not stored in a heated area, consider removing the battery and keeping it in a warmer location until spring. Make sure your storage area will stay dry- for obvious reasons!
  2. Checkups: 
Make sure you check the terminal connectors regularly to avoid loss of conductivity. Check fluid levels and add distilled water to flooded lead-acid batteries when needed. Keep batteries charged; leaving them in a discharged state for any length of time will damage them and lower their capacity; it also reduces lifetime.
  3. Upkeep: 
Do not mix old batteries with new ones in the same bank in your boat engine. Old batteries tend to pull down the new ones to their deteriorated level. When replacing batteries, replace an entire set. It is also easier to monitor the battery levels and performance when they are all the same caliber.

This season, make sure you’re properly caring for your boat battery. If you have any questions or are looking for the best new battery for your vessel, contact us today!