Wood boat care is important for smooth seas

Wood boat care is important for smooth seas

We understand that caring for a wood boat can be a challenge. First-time owners can be flummoxed by what needs to be done, and when. Not all areas are self-explanatory, and some boats don’t come with specific instructions. Sometimes, care is intuition and experience based.

At Coeur Custom, we can help. We want to help the community learn to care for their boats, and we want to see you sailing smoothly for as long as possible.

Each winter, we can assist with boat storage for area wood boats. It is important to make sure the bilge is pumped out each fall before the boat goes into storage; if water is left in the pump or bilge area, it can cause mold, or even cracking if it freezes. It is better to prevent the problem altogether by pumping out the bilge. Our team can perform complete winterization, as well as get the boat ready for the summer again.

It is also important to make sure the boat is stored in a safe, dry area that does not become too hot.

And care shouldn’t cease in the summer either. Although wood boats are in the sun constantly, it is not necessarily good for them. UV rays can be harmful to the outer coating or finish on a wood boat. If the boat gets too hot, or the sun’s rays are on the finish for too long, it can crack the finish. It is important to keep a close eye on the finish of your boat. If you see cracks starting to form, bring it in immediately to have a new coat put on.

Like our skin, the safest method of protection is to keep it out of the sun. Whenever possible, keep the boat covered with a fitter tarp, or parked under an awning when not in use. Prevention is the easiest fix!

If ever you find yourself with questions or aren’t sure what step to take next, feel free to give us a call. We give free estimates on boat repairs and do whatever we can to make your summer smooth sailing.